30 April 2017 Final post for Spring 2017

Semester is pretty much finished. I have 1 more critical and a test, and I will be done. I don’t know if I feel like I have made any progress this semester. It seemed like I was sort of running in place and getting no where. 

Going to be very busy over summer break. Lots of work in the studio, both ceramic and paper. Lots of house stuff to get done too. Quite a few ideas to try out and see what works. Here’s to hoping the summer feels more successful. 

23 April 2017

This week consisted of me getting finished for my crit that was on Wednesday, and finishing work for printmaking. 

My crit went well, sort of. I felt like they focused too much of the wood of the projects and not enough on the over all reach. There was a lot of good ideas on how to figure out “Concept”, which was wonderful, though. My concepts are psychology driven, but I have tried to pull away from the personal this semester. Well, pull away as much as one can. In trying to tell a story, you always give more away about yourself than you do your characters. Communication is going to be my theme for the coming semester. There is so much that is said, but unheard. I feel like this is a huge part of the problems the human condition suffers from.

Next up for me, clay body research and facial sculpture. 

16 April 2017

Final push before my BFA crit for the semester. I am looking forward to getting feedback on whet her or nor these forms work with the string. Well, looking forward to might be a bit strongly worded. I was happy with how the forms turned out. There was some separation, but that is from the rings drying out as I built. If I continue these, I need to make sure all the rings are done and just go for it. The sitting and thinking about the form, as well as cleaning up the rings as I went contributed to the drying out too quickly. The oval form had a lot less drying issues, simply because I was just putting pices together and not trying to form some elaborate structure. Yes, sketching 2ould help there in theory. But until I understand what I can do with these forms, sketching will only piss me off.

9 April 2017

Xander and I got the head on the sculpture we are working on together, and he got one of his kittens started as well. I wish I had had as much luck with my piece. For some reason I just could not get it to work. The pieces went together nicely, but would not stay together. I also had a bad time with the parts that were juting out drying too quickly. So the piece I spent most of the day on got therapy squished. If tomorrow doesn’t go well, I may be going back to wood for my BFA crit project. 

The ring piece seen above was try number two. I’m not happy with it. I really want an organic, twisty, whimsical structure. Those stacked rings are not doing it for me. Try number three tomorrow. 

2 April 2017

I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life since coming back from NCECA. The K-12 show blew my mind yet again, and that has played a huge role in my thoughts as well. I know my nature is to help others, and I know that will be how I contribute to society. Just how I go about doing that is up in the air at this point. 

These thoughts are also nearly identical to what has been going through my head when I think about my personal concept in my art. It is said that a depressed person will always be the one trying to get everyone around them to laugh. Theory and research  back this up, as a depressed person knows how badly they feel and wants other around them to feel better than they do. Robin Williams is a golden example for this phenomenon. While I am not depressed, my anxiety, both general and social, helps me to want to make those around me feel better. That is my concept. I want my art to bring happiness to those that view it. 

In the above pictures from the Chihuly exhibit in Seattle, that’s is what I take away from walking through those rooms. I left that building happier, and lighter, than when I went in. He didn’t solve any of my problems, but he gave me an escape. And that is what I want to give those people that see and interact with my art. 

26 March 2017

NCECA week! And what a week it was. I had a hard time choosing which three pictures to use for this week. But I feel these three share the one thing I am constantly drawn to in my own work. Repetition. For me, there is an inherent beauty and peace in repetition. We see it constantly in nature, whether it is in pattern or piece. Like the fibinachi sequence, a rushing body of water, or a group of trees. Peace is what my art brings to me, and it is what I want to give to others through my art.

Just like last year, I am filled to the brim with the need to create after NCECA. I have had several mental break throughs in concerns on how to proceed with my next steps. And yes, repetition is going to be a big part of it. 

19 March 2017

This week consisted of wrapping everything up before I left on Thursday. I unloaded Lil Eddie Wednesday morning, and was fairly happy with the results. I feel these are some of my strongest cups. Nice thin walls, happy feet, and an interesting glaze combination. 

We also did a mini, in progress crit on Wednesday. I got feed back to make me think, and I feel like I am on the right track. Just have to wait to get back home after NCECA to continue. 

Also during crit, I had a break through on how to go about building the ceramic bases for the pieces I want to have for my BFA crit. I am going to extrude thin ropes, and chain them like Rachael did, but in different shapes. So excited to try this, as well as for all the inspiration NCECA is going to give me.