13 November 2017 week 12

How is it week 12 already? It’s been a pretty productive week. Took down and rehung my work from Open Studios Weekend. Got my rings dyed and dried. And I have started a new batch of rings to fire. I have started a new process in making the rings. Instead of extrusions or hand rolling the coils, I am making a slab cutting strips and then rolling them. I get a more consistent coil, and it isn’t taking me as long to make them either. I just need to decide how many big rings I want, compared to the little ones. 

I have been thinking about this presentation I am going to be giving at WIU in just two months. I am getting very excited about the installation. I have no idea what to present. I’m still in my BFA program. I haven’t graduated. What do I talk about? What do I know that these peers don’t? Well, luckily I have some time to work on it.


6 November 2017 week 11

Framing went well, for the most part. Only this semester’s trouble maker gave me any sort of problem. I found a new wood product that I am very happy with. It is a pink plastic wood, made by the same company that makes the pink drywall filler. It comes off with water, it is stain and paintable, and it dries very quickly. It was wonderful to use, and I will happily buy it again to use. 

Open Studios Weekend was also a success. I talked with a lot of people. I was also in excellent company. There was a lot of amazing art on display. Also, getting accepted into the jurried art show that was attached to OSW is a great honor. I also got a window placement in that show and couldn’t have been happier.

Now to start back to work on the rings. I need to get the ones I have dyed, and continue to make more. 

30 October 2017 week 10 Blog post.

I’m calling this one done, string wise at least. I think it has just enough color variation to be interesting, but not so much that it is too busy. I also like that you can see through the middle. It gives you space to be open minded to the on going conversation. 

Next up is framing. I have six pieces to frame out. Four of which are halfway done. Then I need to figure out how and where in the room I am going to hang everything. I have a lit done for this weekend, but I still have a lot to finish as well. 

23 October 2017 week 9 blog post.

Made some bowls for the empty bowls fund raiser. I have 10 made. Hopefully I can get these trimmed and make a few more for a total of ten. 

Working on the monster again. This thing physically hurts to work on it. Because of it’s size, the position I have to hold myself in to work on it, after 20 minutes my back is burning. I haven’t been in pain like this since the last spiral perm I wrapped years ago.

It was suggested that I switch it up, and change what I had planned for it. I am leaning towards this, because I could then make another one or two instead of killing myself to finish this one in the manor I had originally planned to. I’m going to see if I can change the pattern slightly before I fully switch gears, but I know I cannot physically continue the way it had been. 

16 October 2017 week 8 blog post

Framing has begun. I got the front and back done on the ocean inspired one. The wood filler is drying, and I should be able to sand tomorrow so that I can put the sides, top, and bottom on. 

I have gotten the front put on the nebula inspired piece, but need to cut down more wood before I can continue with that piece. 

I am hoping to get back to “the piece from hell” by the end of the week. With my BFA crit happening on Thursday, I figured having more pieces as close to done as possible was a priority. I really hate that piece. I have been trying to think of a way to switch up the pattern so that it isn’t fighting me as much. I guess I just need to see what will work when I start back on it. 

9 October 2017 week 7 blog post

Is it really week seven? I swear I am just getting into the swing of things.

This weekend I switched gears and started on a smaller frame. I was getting nowhere with the 2 foot one, and needed to make sure the other 2, at least, are done. 

For this one I used a sunbeam under water as the inspiration, and I really love the way it is coming together. The fact that it isn’t fighting me every step of the way is helping morale a lot as well. I am going to add more vertical threads to give me the sunlight and a bit more ocean, then this one will be done and I will move onto the next one. 

2 October 2017 Week 6 blog post

This week has been all about string. Just chugging along getting these pieces made. The big one is fighting me. I had to restart it completely, I torqued the frame. This is the first one of this size I have made, and I didn’t have the issue about having the string pull the frame. I learned my lesson, though. I am now matching the pattern to the frame. If I can’t complete it in one day, the pattern needs to be even across the frame. 

The little frame had given me some inspiration, as well. I want to look into making a gyroscope for it. The string in it looks very interesting when it is twisting before you. I never knew I was going to need engineering knowledge to go with my art knowledge. Hopefully I can work towards that after I get this big frame strung. I am also wondering what I should do with the center of this large frame. With having to keep the tension even, it is going to leave a pretty big opening. Maybe that will work for the idea, though?